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" Anarchy is Order - Government is Chaos. "

" As For Encounter Bay ... Ballantyne, Gene (Edited by Janet M. Paisley)

" Everlasting Punishment " An Appeal Direct to the World

" G. G. " Grossmith, George

" Golden Poplars " and other poems. Whyte, Ruth

" Hello, Mr Melody Man " Evans, Lindley

" My Friend - Bilhooley " Stone, Blarney & Field, Henry

" P.I.C. " Slide Rules. Book of Instructions for the Standard, Reitz, and Engineers' Patterns with Log Log Scales. Walker, Miles & Harrison, Joseph

" Stand Up and Be Counted! " An open letter to the Rt. Hon. Sir Isaac Isaacs Stone, Professor Julius

" The Fossicker's Way " 1983

" The Trainee "

" Those Air Force Days " Wallace, Gordon

" Tracks to the Wood's Point and Jordan Goldfields " Christie, R.W.

" Tracks to the Wood's Point and Jordan Goldfields " Christie, R.W.

" Ups and Downs " - Pioneers of Land and Air. Camier, Wendye E.

" What If " Chuck Smith Lecture Notes Smith, Chuck

"...Und immer wieder mußten wir einschreiten!" Schuster, Leo

"A Guide To Foxhunting In Australia" Cameron-Kennedy, D.F.

"A Place of Love" Forster, Sandy

"Back to Wellington Week" 22nd-30th October, 1988.

"Christie's" 1766 to 1925 Marillier, H.C.

"Class" in Thoroughbred Racing and How To Find It. Badone, Chuck

"Echoes of the Past" 1988 : Yapeen Primary School.

"From Protectorate to Premier Smaller Town" Gregory, K. & Pearson, D. & Stewart, W.


"Geographia" Vest Pocket Atlas of Central London.

"God Save the King!" Scholes, Percy A.

"Hepolite" - Hepworth & Grandage Limited: Come With Us

"How To Get Home" for Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles

"If I Can Dream" : Elvis's own story. Geller, Larry and Spector, Joel; with Romanowski, Patricia.

"Jesus Christ, Superstar" or "Saviour and Lord"? Coleman, John A.

"Macht mir den rechten Flügel stark!" (Graf Schlieffen) Kühl, Johann

"Maisie" : A Great Northern 4-4-2. "L.B.S.C."

"Moon Rocket Z.13" Tranter, John & Mitchell, David.

"Multiplo" Dependable Poultry Equipment.

"O Rare Norgam" Davis, Winifred L.

"Once Upon A Road..." A History of High Street Penrith 1901 - 1920 Stevenson, Colin R.

"Over There" with the Australians Knyvett, Capt. R. Hugh

"Plain Man's Puff" Richardson, Kerr.

"Redemption" of Ahasuerus Gitlis, Baruch

"Si vis pacem, para bellum" Zur Beurteilung militarischer Stärke in der römischen Kaiserzeit. Haase, Wolfgang

"Sir" Prince, Major Eddie

"Standard" Guide to Southend-On-Sea and District

"Tango Whisky Quebec." Russell, Philip

"Terminus" Please. Manny, Leon B.

"The First Lying-In the Australasian Colonies" Nattress, John.

"The Merciless Beauty" Briggs, Ernest

"The trouble with poetry..." Holkner, Jean.

"The Turn of the Tide" and other poems Glanville Hicks, E.

"They can carry me out." Grainger, Pat (ed.)

"This Precious Stone" : A Brief History of St. Etheldreda's, Ely Place

"Till the Shades Lengthen" O'Leary, Mary Agatha.

"To Save Their Heathen Souls" : Voyage to and Life in Fouchow, China, Based on Wentworth Diaries and Letters, 1854-1858. Park, Polly (ed.)

"Unburied Dead" in which is included "The Parable of the Water Tank." Kennedy, W.J.

"Voices and Stories" From Many Lands. McLean, Ruth.

"Voices and Stories" From Many Lands. McLean, Ruth.

"War in Port Phillip" Robertson, A.M.

"We have not forgotten" - Yass & Districts War 1914 - 1918 Mongan, Cheryl & Reid, Richard

"What We Have We Hold!" A History of the 2/17 Australian Infantry Battalion 1940-1945

"Wonder" Healers of the Philippines. Sherman, Harold.

"Worker's Participation in the Ownership and Control of Industry". Chifley Memorial Lecture 1959 Groves, Dr. Murray

' I've Been Bloody Lucky' - the story of an orphan named Jimmy Butt. Butt, Jimmy & Dargan, Felicity

' The Pirate '

' The Waste Land ' in Different Voices Moody, A.D. (ed)

'A Bit of a Rebel' : The Life and Work of George Arnold Wood. Crawford, R.M.

'A Bit of A Rebel' The Life and Work of George Arnold Wood Crawford, R.M.

'A Dreaming That Shall Not Fade' Schapper, Cathy.

'An Ornament to the City': The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. Donovan, Peter.

'Aspro' Year Book 1936.

'Etona' and the River Murray Mission 1891 to 1912 Fenton, M.E.

'Eureka' Thornton, Geoffrey H.

'Farmers Ringmasters and Builders' : A History of Kingswood College, Box Hill. Cotter, Dick.

'Neath the Mask : The Story of the East Family. East, John M.

'Pansy' : A Life of Roy Douglas Wright. McPhee, Peter.

'Received Ye The Holy Ghost?' Power and Its Secret Chapman, Dr. J. Wilbur

'Send Malcolm!' The Life of Major-General Sir John Malcolm 1769 - 1833 Pasley, Rodney

'Sort of Like Reading a Map' : A Community Report on the Survival of South-East Australian Aboriginal Art Since 1834. Edmonds, Fran with Clarke, Maree.

'Springtime: the only pretty ring time' Peters, Charles (ed)

'The best fellows anyone could wish to meet...' George Aucherlonie and the 8th Light Horse Regiment, AIF Box, Allan (ed)

'The Eye and Ear' Gardiner, Lyndsay

'Tiger' 60 Years of Cricket. O'Reilly, Bill.

'Twixt Heather and Wattle Radvansky, Susan & Alsop, Patricia

'Twixt Heather and Wattle : The First Minute Book of the Australian Literature Society 1899 - 1903. Radvansky, Susan & Alsop, Patricia.

...from the dawn of aviation : The Qantas Story 1920-1995. Stackhouse, John.

1,000 Questions, Answers, and Diagrams in Practical Seamanship. McLean, C.P.O. John.

100 Centenary Years of the Shields Gazette 1849-1949.

100 Not Out Hooper, Selwyn & Colleagues

100 Not Out Hooper, Selwyn & Colleagues

100 Not Out Hooper, Selwyn & Colleagues

100 Not Out Hooper, Selwyn & Colleagues

100 Views : Sydney, Descriptive and Illustrative, together with Choice and Characteristic Country Scenes in New South Wales.

100 Years of Brass : A History of Thompsons Foundry Band 1885-1985. Shaw, Bill.

100 Years of the Telephone 1876-1976. Soden, Frank A. et al.

100 Years of Yachting on Port Phillip Bay de Fraga, Chris

100 Years of Yachting on Port Phillip Bay. de Fraga, Chris.

100,000 Zeemijl Per Onderzeeboot Chambon, Albert & Meinesz, Professor Vening

1000 Jahre Endlhausen Heller, Barbara

101 Saxophone Tips : Stuff all the pros know and use. Morones, Eric J.

10th Australian Transport Research Forum

10th Malvern Scout Group: The Journal. Golden Jubilee Issue.

1100 Obscure Points : The Bibliographies of 25 English and 21 American Authors. Schwartz, Dr. Jacob

12 1/2 Plymouth Street Park, Ruth

125 Yrs of the Melbourne Demons. Hobbs, Greg.

125 Yrs of the Melbourne Demons. Hobbs, Greg.

15 to 21*

150 New Ways To Serve Peters Ice Cream

150 Years of Archaeology Daniel, Glyn

150 Years of Catholic Education in Williamstown 1842-1992 : A History of St Mary's School, Williamstown. Gibson, Cliff.

15th Broadcast Songster

16 International Ornithological Congress Programme.

17,000 Days of Blindness Walsh, Raylene Dawn

180 Years of Victor Harbor History in Many Pictures with some Words. Bartlett, Jeanette.

1835 : The Founding of Melbourne & the Conquest of Australia. Boyce, James.


18th agIdeas International Design Week 2008

1915 : The Death of Innocence. Macdonald, Lyn

1924 Colony and Protectorate of Kenya. Land Surveyors Ordinance, 1923. Regulations for the Direction and Guidance of Land Surveyors. Examination Regulations.

1930 Jubilee Book : Souvenir Jubilee Booklet of Our Fiftieth Anniversary with Additions 1984.

1934 : A Year in the Life of Victoria.

1939 - 1945 : The War Dead of the British Commonwealth and Empire

1942 Radio Weather Aids to Navigation : Radio Weather Broadcasts.

1967 Buick Riviera Owner's Manual

1974 Buick : A Comprehensive Buyers Guide.

1st Lindfield 1920 - 1970 Nielsen, C. & Robson, M. (eds)

20 Views of Hastings, St. Leonards-on-Sea and Neighbourhood.

2015 RMIT School of Art Graduating Honours and 3rd Year BAFA Exhibition.

25 Great Australian Golf Courses and How to Play Them. Ramsay, Tom.

25 Jahre Arndt-Gymnasium und Richterische Stiftung 1908 - 1933

27th International Geological Congress Kozlovsky, E.A. (ed)

28th Chappell Songster.

29th Chappell Songster.

30 Years Going Downhill with the RAN Ski Club

300 Years of Lloyd's - A Lloyd's List Special Supplement. Brown, Antony.

309 East & A Night of Levitation VanOrden, Bianca

30th Chappell's Songster.

32 Views of Brighton and District

35 MM. Photo Technique Newcombe, H.S.

35,000 Miles of Prohibition : A Study of North American Prohibition. Gordon, C.M. and Gifford.

365 Puddings : One for Every Day of the Year.

365 Puddings : One for Every Day of the Year.

365 Recipes : One for every day in the year. Isaacson, Caroline & Hunt, Barbara (eds)

38 - The C38 Class Pacific Locomotives of the New South Wales Government Railways Thompson, John B.

39 Magnificent Views Illustrating Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

40 Australian Eucalypts in Colour. Drawn and Described by Stan Kelly. Hurley, P.J. (ed.)

40 New Mental Mysteries Bigbee, North

44 Cemetery Road : The Best of Tunku Halim. Halim, Tunku.

5,000 Years of Royalty : Kings, Queens, Princes, Emperors & Tsars. Craughwell, Thomas J.

5. "Zebra Rock" from the East Kimberley Hobson, R.A.

50 Years and More : A History of Surf Life Saving Victoria. Best, Alleyn and contributors.

50 Years Guide Dogs in Victoria 1957 - 2007 Duxbury, Gordon W.

50 Years of Weather : New South Wales 1908 - 1957

50 Years of Weather : New South Wales 1908 - 1957

50 Years of Weather : Queensland 1908 - 1957

50 Years of Weather : Victoria 1908 - 1957

50 Years of Weather : Western Australia 1908 - 1957

50 Years On... Bartrop, Edgar.

50th Anniversary of APPM- An Anecdotal History. 1936 - 1986. Lawrence, Tess (ed)

621 A Steam Locomotive Reborn Stewien, Ronald

621 A Steam Locomotive Reborn Stewien, Ronald

621 A Steam Locomotive Reborn Stewien, Ronald

6d War Savings Stamps.

70 Years of Rye House Speedway Jacobs, Norman

70 Years: The Story of the Metropolitan Golf Club Kissling, John

70 Years: The Story of the Metropolitan Golf Club Kissling, John

707 Pilot Training Manual

7th. Flotilla Gazette. January 1922.

7th. Flotilla Gazette. Xmas Number. December 1921.

80 : With Bert at the Milepeg. Thompson, Bert.

80 Years serving God and the community 1907 - 1987 . St Luke's Anglican Church, Vermont.

85th National Brass Bands Championships, Auckland, 1965.

90 Years 90 Legends

90 Years of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society. Pinson, Peter.

925 - No. 12

9th Chappell Big Hit Songster.

< More or Less Than > 1-100. Cronin, MTC.

A 'Day' In The Army. Torrent, Andrew.

A 'Duty Clear Before Us' : North Beach and the Sari Bair Range, Gallipoli Peninsula, 25 April-20 December 1915.

A 'lucky profession' : A History of the Patent Profession in Australia. Wing, Judy

A 2. Magyar Hadsereg Megsemmisulese A Donnal. Dr. Munnich Ferenc Eloszavaval.

A 20th. Century Folk Mass Beaumont, The Rev. Geoffrey

A Apple Pie Greenaway, Kate

A Bank for the People : A History of the State Bank of Victoria. Murray, Robert and White, Kate.

A Banker all at Sea : Being World War II Naval Memoirs (1941-1946) Holt, F.S.

A Banker all at Sea : Being World War II Naval Memoirs (1941-1946) Holt, F.S.

A Beachcomber's Diary Blight, John

A Bear in my Bedroom Small, Mary & Van Dyk, Ingrid (Illustrator)

A Bibliographical List of the Writings of Mr. Stockton.

A Bibliography of Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy Crouch, James S.

A Bibliography of Arnold J. Toynbee. Morton, S. Fiona.

A Bibliography of Australian Children's Books. Muir, Marcie.

A Bibliography of Australian Multicultural Writers.

A Bibliography of George Moore. Gilcher, Edwin.

A Bibliography of George Moore. Gilcher, Edwin.

A Bibliography of George Moore. Gilcher, Edwin.

A Bibliography of Iain Crichton Smith Wilson, Grant F. (compiler)

A Bibliography of Iain Crichton Smith. Wilson, Grant F. (compiled by)

A Bibliography of Oliver Cromwell : A List of Printed Materials relating to Oliver Cromwell, together with a List of Portraits and Caricatures. Abbott, Wilbur Cortez.

A Bibliography of Publications on Old English Literature to the End of 1972. Greenfield, Stanley B. and Robinson, Fred C.

A Bibliography of the Bustards : First Working Draft. Downes, M.C.

A bibliography of the First Fleet. Crittenden, Victor.

A Bibliography of the Malayan Campaign and the Japanese Period in West Malaysia, Singapore and Borneo, 1941-1945 Corfield, Justin

A Bibliography of the Writings of William Carleton Hayley, Barbara

A Bibliography of William Cowper to 1837. Russell, Norma.

A Bigger Message : Conversations with David Hockney. Gayford, Martin.

A Bill S. Ballinger Triptych Ballinger, Bill S.

A Biographical Register 1788-1939 Gibbney, H.J. & Smith, Ann G.

A Biography of Professor Richard Herbert Samuel, 1900-1983. Perry, Warren.

A Biology of Birds with particular reference to New Zealand Birds Heather, B.D.

A Bird Atlas of the Melbourne Region Aston, Helen I. & Balmford, Rosemary A.

A Bloody Job Well Done : The History of the Royal Australian Navy Helicopter Flight Vietnam 1967-1971. Speedy, Max and Ray, Bob (eds.)

A Blossom Promise. Byars, Betsy.

A Bluey of Swaggies. Wignell, Edel.

A Blunt Instrument Heyer, Georgette

A Book Collector's Notes on items relating to the Discovery of Australia, The First Settlement and the Early Coastal Exploration of the Continent. Davidson, Rodney.

A Book of Australian Verse Wright, Judith

A Book of Make-Up. Ward, Eric.

A Book of Middle English. Burrow, J.A. and Turville-Petre, Thorlac.

A Book of Poems Mayne, William (collected by)

A Book of Queensland Verse. Stable, Prof. J.J. and Kirwood, A.E.M. (compiled by).

A Book of Self Re-Education : The Structure and Functions of the Human Body as an Instrument of Expression. Jodjana, Raden Ayou.

A Book of Verse. Ashley, D.M.

A booklet dedicated to all dogs, the Labrador in particular. 6th edition.

A Boy From Beek. Merkus, John William.

A Boy of the Old Brigade : A Short Story. Furphy, Joseph ("Tom Collins")

A Boy's Adventures in the Wilds of Australia Howitt, William

A Boy's Voyage Round the World Smiles, Samuel

A Breed Apart : The History of the Bacon Factories' Union of Employees 1946-1996. Bowden, Bradley.

A Brennan Collection Chaplin, Harry F.

A Brief Account of the Clifton Waller Barrett Library Cahoon, Herbert

A Brief Analysis of Public Opinion in Australia Watson, Fredk.

A Brief Guide to Identification of Cetaceans in the Southern Hemisphere. Larsen, Dotte

A Brief History of Missionary Enterprise in Ancient and Modern Times.

A Brief History of Parramatta Park. Mantle, Jo.

A Brief History of S. John's, Torquay. Airy, Basil Reginald.

A Brief History of St. James' Old Cathedral, West Melbourne. Burridge, Rev. S.H.

A Brush with History Spierings, John

A Brush With the Bush : George Lambert - The Early Years Gray, Anne

A Budai Vár És A Debreceni Csata Ignác, Dr. Ölvedi

A Budai Vár És A Debreceni Csata Ignác, Dr. Ölvedi

A Bunch of Pictures : Prints by Leon Pericles.

A Bunch of Wild Flowers. Outhwaite, Ida Rentoul.

A Bunyip Close Behind Me : Recollections of the Nineties by Eugénie McNeil, Retold by her Daughter Eugénie Crawford. McNeil, Eugénie.

A Burning of Applewood Harrison, Keith

A Calendar of Flowers : Selected Poems 1975-2000. Aslanides, Timoshenko

A Cargo of Women : Susannah Watson and the Convicts of the Princess Royal. Smith, Babette.

A Catalogue of Books and Manuscripts Issued to Commemorate the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Firm of Bernard Quaritch 1847-1947 with a Portrait-Study of the Founder by his Daughter Charlotte Quaritch Wrentmore.

A Catalogue of Books available for loan - East African Library Services

A Catalogue of Music by International Artistes.

A Catalogue of Select Books from the Ingleton Collection : Part Five.

A Catalogue of Select Books from the Ingleton Collection : Part One.

A Catalogue of Select Books from the Ingleton Collection : Part One.

A Catalogue of Select Books from the Ingleton Collection : Part Two.

A Catalogue of Select Books from the Ingleton Collection : Part Two.

A Catalogue of Select Books from the Ingleton Collection. A library of Antarctica & Australiana, Bibliography & Cartography, Hydrography & Nautica, New Zealand and Pacific, Voyages & Travels. Ingleton, Geoffrey C.

A celebration of 250 years : Sotheby's.

A Centenary History of St. Stephen's Gardenvale Phillips, A.A. (Nan)

A Century Exposed: Elliott, Alan

A Century Exposed: Elliott, Alan

A Century in Timber

A Century in Timber 1853 - 1953 Henderson, Alexander (compiler)

A Century of Australian Song Sladen, Douglas B.W. (ed)

A Century of Book Publishing 1848-1948.

A Century of Progress in Printing 1830-1930.

A Century of Responsible Government in Tasmania 1856 - 1956 Green, F.C. (ed)

A Century of Schooldays 1877-1977. Bradfield, Raymond A.

A Century of Schooldays 1877-1977. Bradfield, Raymond A.

A Century of Service. Barnard, R.W. (compiled by).

A Century of Tasmanian Methodism 1820-1920. Dugan, C.C.

A Century of the Best Roberts, Michael

A Century of the English Church in N.S.W. Rowland, E.C.

A Century of Victorian Methodism Benson, Rev. G. Irving

A Century of Water Supply to Lorne McCormick, R.J.

A Century of Winners Ahern, Bill

A Century's Challenge.

A Certain Heritage : Programs for and by Aboriginal Families in Australia. Coombs, H.C.; Brandl, M.M; and Snowdon, W.E.

A Chaplain Remembers Wright, Alan F.

A Chaplain Remembers Wright, Alan F.

A Character in Distress Pirandello, Luigi

A Chast Mayd in Cheapeside Middleton, Thomas

A Chat With Old Friends. Weaver, Jennifer (compiled by)

A Chaucer Bibliography 1925-1933. Martin, Willard E.

A Chaucer Handbook. French, Robert Dudley.

A Checklist of Economic Plants in Australia. Hartley, W. (compiled by)

A Choice for Destiny Bryant, Arthur

A Christian Philanthropist of Dublin : A Memoir of Richard Allen. Wigham, Hannah Maria.

A Chronicle of Methodism in Van Diemen's Land 1820 - 1840 Pretyman, R.D.

A Chronicle of Methodism in Van Diemen's Land 1820 - 1840. Pretyman, R.D.

A Chrysler Sedan & Threepenny Ice Creams. Davis, A.J.

A Church and Its People Through 900 Years. Welsford, A.E.

A Church for a Nation. : A History of the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn. Frame, Tom.

A Church is Built. Cornish, Dorothy.

A Classical Education. Cobb, Richard.

A Coastal Retreat. P.I.R.G.

A Coat of Varnish Snow, C.P.

A Collection of Readable Reprints of Literary Rarities illustrative of the history, literature, manners and biography of the English nation, between the 16th and 19th Centuries Hindley, Charles (ed)

A Collection of Rhodesian Verses. T for 1943. 'T'

A Collection of the Books and Woodcuts of James Catnach, late of Seven Dials, Printer.

A Collector's Guide to Theatrical Postcards. Bonynge, Richard

A Collector's Guide to Third Reich Militaria Lumsden, Robin

A Commentary and Questionnaire on Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience (William Blake) Orchard, M.

A Common Prayer. Leunig.

A Comparative Study of Some Social Communication Patterns in the Pelecaniformes. Van Tets, Gerard Frederick.

A Compendium of the History of Cornwall. Daniell, Rev. J.J.

A Compendium of the Veterinary Art: Containing Plain and Concise Observations on the Construction and Management of the Stable; a Brief and Popular Outline of the Structure and Economy of the Horse; the Nature, Symptoms, and Treatment of the Diseases White, James.

A Complete Course of Practical Flying. Henderson M.C., A.F.C., Lt. Col. G.L.P.

A Complete Manual for the Keeping and Breeding of Finches. Kingston, Russell.

A Comprehensive Index to Black Mask, 1920-1951. Hagemann, E.R.

A Concise History of Australian Settlement and Progress

A Concise History of Maldon and the Tarrangower Diggings. Williams, A.J.

A Concise History of Portugal. Birmingham, David.

A Concise History of Portugal. Birmingham, David.

A Concise History of South Africa. Ross, Robert.

A Concise History of Wallaroo.

A Concordance of the Poetical Works of William Collins Booth, Bradford A. & Jones, Claude E. (compilers)

A Continent For Science Lewis, Richard S.

A Contribution to the Geology of the Faeroes. Walker, Frederick & Davidson, Charles F.

A Conversation with Bryce. Murray, Gilbert

A Corinthian's Bride. Bolt, Ben.

A Counterfeit Silence Stow, Randolph

A Course in Applied Pneumatics

A Critic Looks at the Catholic Church. Johnston, H.A.

A Critical Study of A Seventeenth Century Tamil Document Thananjayarajasingham, S.

A Cup of Giggles A Saucer of Dreams. Kosseris-Haynes, Annette

A Cut Above Lind, Clive A.

A Day in the Life of A Medieval City. Frugoni, Chiara

A Dead Man in Deptford. Burgess, Anthony.

A Decade of Achievement : Phillip Institute of Technology. Carroll, Brian.

A Decade of Growing and Caring : Billanook College Hawthorn, Roger

A Decade of Pride : A History of the Brisbane Lions. Opolion, Mark.

A Decade with Chlotride Chlorothiazide Lyght, Charles E. (ed)

A Deepening Roar : Scotch College, Melbourne, 1851 - 2001 Mitchell, James

A Deepening Roar : Scotch College, Melbourne, 1851 - 2001 Mitchell, James

A Descriptive Catalogue of the Bibliographies of 20th Century British Writers. Mellown, Elgin W.

A Devil of A Whipping Babits, Lawrence E.

A Dialogue of the Effectual Proverbs in the English Tongue Concerning Marriage, by John Heywood Farmer, John S.

A Dictionary of Battles ( 1816 - 1976 ) Young, Brigadier Peter

A Different River Painter, Gwenda

A Difficult Country : The Napiers in Scotland. Napier, Priscilla.

A Distant Field of Murder. Critchett, Jan

A Distant Mirror : The Calamitous 14th Century. Tuchman, Barbara W.

A Diversity of Birds Stebbing-Allen, George

A Doctors Life (Odyssey) Wedlick, Leigh. T.

A Dog At His Heel Finger, Charles J.

A Dog Called Yesterday - Selected Poems and Prose. Crane, Michael

A Draught of Fishes. Ommanney, F.D.

A Dream More Luminous than Love : The Yandilli Trilogy. Hall, Rodney.

A Dream of Seas Norman, Lilith

A Dream of Tartary : The Origins and Misfortunes of Henry P'u Yi. McAleavy, Henry.

A Dwelling Place. Nicholson, Peter.

A Facet of Emerald. Legge, Graeme C.

A Fair Chance in Life Berson, Michael

A Fair Crack of the Whip : Embers from an Era. Scott, Jack.

A Fairy Tale of New York Donleavy, J.P.

A Faithful Picture : the letters of Eliza and Thomas Brown at York in the Swan River Colony 1841 - 1852. Cowan, Peter (ed)

A Family Affair. Legoe, M.I.

A Family Affair. Legoe, M.I.

A Fanatic Heart : Selected Stories of Edna O'Brien. O'Brien, Edna.

A Fantasy of Reason : The Life and Thought of William Godwin. Locke, Don.

A Far-Off Place. van der Post, Laurens.

A Fearful Joy Cary, Joyce

A Feature Survey of Concrete Box Spine-Beam Bridges Swann, R.A.

A Fell Fine Baker : The Story of United Biscuits. Adam, James S.

A Few Words From Mavis. Johnson, Mavis.

A Field Guide to Australian Opals. O'Leary, Barrie.

A Field Guide to Frogs of Australia from Port Augusta to Fraser Island, including Tasmania. Robinson, Martyn

A Fine and Private Place. Bakewell, Joan & Drummond, John.

A Fine Summer Knight. Mark, Jan.

A First Book of First Aid in Peace and War. Salmond, Monica.

A First Book of Grammar & Composition : Studies and Exercises in Language for Grade IV. Vroland, A.W.R.

A First Fleet Family : A hitherto unpublished narrative of certain remarkable adventures complied from the papers of Sergeant William Dew of the Marines. Becke, Louis & Jeffery, Walter.

A First Year in Canterbury Settlement With Other Early Essays. Butler, Samuel

A Flag for the Wind. Martin, Philip.

A Foot in Both Worlds : A Doctor's Autobiography of Psychic Experience. Guirdham, Arthur.

A Foot in the Grave Marshall, Bruce

A Footnote about Napier's Annotations to Torrens' Colonization of South Australia. Depasquale, Paul.

A Former Aboriginal Camp-site on the Sturt River at Marion, South Australia Edwards, Robert

A Francois Mauriac Omnibus. Hopkins, Gerard (translated by)

A Frenchman's Walk Across the Nullarbor : Henri Gilbert's Diary, Perth to Brisbane, 1897-1899. Dyer, Colin (translated and edited by)

A Fringe of Leaves. White, Patrick.

A Fringe of Leaves. White, Patrick.

A Future in Flames. Clode, Danielle.

A Gallery of Children Milne, A.A.

A Gallery of Gum Trees D'Ombrain, A.W.

A Game at Chesse Middleton, Thomas

A Game of Catch Cresswell, Helen

A Garden Idyll and other poems. Daly, Hugh.

A Gardener's Diary Law-Smith, Joan

A Gardener's Diary. Law-Smith, Joan.

A Gardener's Diary. Law-Smith, Joan.

A Gardener's Diary. Law-Smith, Joan.

A Gardener's Diary. Law-Smith, Joan.

A Gardener's Diary. Law-Smith, Joan.

A Gardener's Log. Walling, Edna.

A Garland for Jack Lindsay. Corbett, James (ed.)

A Garland for Jack Lindsay. Corbett, James (ed.)

A Garland for Jack Lindsay. Corbett, James (ed.)

A Garland of Memories Speagle, H.L.

A General View of Trade & Industry in the Netherlands.

A Genius for Friendship : the Life of William Bellows of Gloucester 1873 to 1942. Bellows, Grace

A Gentle Shipwreck. Rodd, L.C.

A Gentle Shipwreck. Rodd, L.C.

A Geological Excursion Guide to the Causeway Coast. Lyle, Paul.

A Glorious Way to Die : The Kamikaze Mission of the Battleship Yamato, April 1945. Spurr, Russell.

A Glossary of the Words and Phrases of Cumberland Dickinson, William

A Golden Age : The Autobiography. Redgrave, Steve, with Townsend, Nick.

A Golfing Odyssey : 100 years of golf on the Knavesmire, Hob Moor and at Pike Hills 1904-2004. Murray, Hugh.

A Good Boy's Diary.

A Good Story Told. Cripps, Sally (ed.).

A Goodly Heritage Hotchin, Betty

A Grammar of Metaphor Brooke-Rose, Christine

A Grammar of the Arabic Language Forbes, Duncan

A Grand Obsession : The DS Mitchell Story

A great Australian school : Wesley College examined. Lemon, Andrew.

A Great Revelation derived from The Great Pyramid and the Word of God. Crossley, Robert.

A Great Risk in a Good Cause : Australians in Greece and Crete April-May 1941.

A Group of Poems. Jenkins, Ian Lindsey.

A Guide for Dogmen and Crane Chasers

A Guide to Australian Spiders Clyne, Densey

A Guide to Better Pastures in Temperate Climates O'Reilly, Malcolm V.

A Guide to Chaucer's Language. Burnley, David.

A Guide to Dogging

A Guide to Historic Hill End and its Environs. Hodge, Harry.

A Guide to Irish Bibliographical Material Eager, Alan R.

A Guide to Irish Bibliographical Material : A Bibliography of Irish Bibliographies and Sources of Information. Eager, Alan R.

A Guide to Masonry Construction

A Guide to Safe Boating in Port Phillip Bay

A Guide to Shell Collecting in the Kwajalein Atoll. Brost, F.B. & Coale, R.D.

A Guide to the Common Sea Fishes of Southern Africa. van der Elst, Rudy.

A Guide to the History & Beauty of the Bass District Bass Valley Historical Society

A Guide to The Personal Family and Official Papers of C.E.W. Bean Piggott, Michael

A Guide to the Principal Manuscripts, Early Printed Books, Autograph Letters, etc. contained in the Auckland Free Public Library. Shaw, H.

A Guide to the Seasoning of Australian Timbers Part I (Division of Forest Products -- Technical Paper No. 7) Elliot, C. Sibley.

A Guide to White Cliffs Opal Fields

A Guildsman's Interpretation of History. Penty, Arthur J.

A Hand Through Time: Greenly, Edward

A Handbook for Steam Users Powis Bale, M.

A Handful of Ghosts : Thirteen Eerie Tales by Australian Authors. Wilson, Barbara Ker (ed.)

A Handlist of English Plays and Masques printed before 1750 in the Library of Worcester College, Oxford. (Wilkinson, Cyril H.)

A Handlist of the Birds of South Australia Condon, H.T.

A Handy Illustrated Guide to Vienna and Environs Meurer, Julius

A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament Gesenius, William. Trans by Edward Robinson.

A Heritage Ingrained Ayris, Cyril

A Hero To All But Joyce. Armitage, Hazel.

A Heroine in Her Time : A Life of Dame Helen Gwynne-Vaughan 1879-1967. Izzard, Molly.

A History of Ashtead Stuttard, J.C. (ed)

A History of Australia IV : The Earth Abideth For Ever 1851-1888. Clark, C.M.H.

A History of Australia IV. Clark, C.M.H.

A History of Australia V : The People Make Laws 1888 - 1915. Clark, C.M.H.

A History of Australia Volume II : New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land 1822 - 1838. Clark, C.M.H.

A History of Australia Volume II. Clark, C.M.H.

A History of Australia Volume III : The Beginning of an Australian Civilization 1824 - 1851. Clark, C.M.H.

A History of Australia Volume VI : 'The Old Dead Tree and the Young Tree Green' 1916-1935 with an Epilogue.. Clark, C.M.H.

A History of Australian Children's Literature Saxby, H.M.

A History of Britain : At the Edge of the World? 3000 BC - AD 1603. Schama, Simon.

A History of Britain : The British Wars 1603-1776. Schama, Simon.

A History of Britain : The Fate of Empire 1776-2000. Schama, Simon.

A History of Camberwell. Blainey, Geoffrey.

A History of Camberwell. Blainey, Geoffrey.

A History of Carry On (Victoria) 1932 - 1998 Gatliff, Ian C. (compiler)

A History of Carry On (Victoria) 1932 - 1998 Gatliff, Ian C. (compiler)

A History of Control Engineering Education in Australia. Dabke, Kishor P. and Brisk, Michael L.

A History of Economic Theory Niehans, Jürg

A History of English Literature. Legouis, Emile and Cazamian, Louis.

A History of European Housing in Australia. Troy, Patrick (ed.)

A History of Golf in Victoria. Mansfield, Garry.

A History of Golf in Victoria. Mansfield, Garry.

A History of Golf in Victoria. Mansfield, Garry.

A History of Graphic Design. Meggs, Philip B.

A History of Greek Fire and Gunpowder. Partington, J.R.

A History of Highton and its School. Nicholls, R.A.

A History of Holy Trinity Church of England, Bacchus Marsh. Osborn, Betty.

A History of Kew Baptist Church 1856 - 1981 Manton, Jill L.

A History of Korean Anarchist Movement Ki-Rak, Ha

A History of Lace Palliser, Mrs. Bury

A History of Lord Howe Island Nicholls, Max

A History of Lord Howe Island. Nicholls, Max.

A History of Marlborough College. Bradley, A.G.; Champneys, A.C.; and Baines, J.W.

A History of Maryborough

A History of Melbourne High School: Honour the Work Inch, Allen

A History of Melbourne High School: Honour the Work Inch, Allen

A History of Modern Indonesia. Vickers, Adrian.

A History of Modern Ireland Norman, Edward

A History of Morrison's Academy, Crieff 1860 - 1980. Williamson, John

A History of Mountaineering in the Alps Engel, Claire Eliane

A History of New Zealand Veteran Athletics 1962-1999. Grayburn, Arthur & Merle (eds.)

A History of Point Lonsdale. Dunn, N.A.

A History of Prince Alfred College. Gibbs, R.M.

A History of Queensland. Evans, Raymond.

A History of Queensland. Evans, Raymond.

A History of Renaissance Architecture in England, 1500 - 1800. Blomfeld, Reginald

A History of Russian Literature of the Romantic Period Brown, William Edward

A History of Seafaring : based on underwater archaeology. Bass, George F. (ed.)

A History of Sparsholt and Lainston. Knowles, Cecilia.

A History of Sport in Euroa and District Halsall, C.W.

A History of St. Mark's College Grenfell Price, A.

A History of St. Mary's Church : Centenary of the Consecration of St.Mary's Church, East St. Kilda. Hazell, Tom & Moore, Marie

A History of Tasmania : From Its Discovery In 1642 To The Present Time. Fenton, James

A History of Tasmania. Robson, Lloyd.

A History of Thailand. Baker, Chris and Phongpaichit, Pasuk.

A History of the Ararat Bowling Club 1884-1984. Bonsack, Alan S.

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